Melanese Reid is a self taught mixed media artist evaluating the “self” through the interrogation of epigenetic inheritance and intersectionality. Using various materials such as acrylic, charcoal, and pastels on canvas and black paper, she creates figures that express deep emotion. Within those figures are line markings described as MAPS. These MAPS are representative of unresolved traumas passed down from generation to generation , i.e., lost identities, self-hate, abandonment, shame, loss of femininity/female agency. Her hope is to bring more awareness to Epigenetic Inheritance and expound upon the conversation of Intersectionality.

In addition, Melanese explores how her own intersectionality (being a person of color, an immigrant, a woman) plays into the traumas she is gaining within this lifetime. Along with her career as a mixed media artist, Melanese is a seasoned fashion designer and patternmaker. Reid is currently re-launching her previous RTW business with a partner as a Contemporary Art Installation and Leather Goods brand entitled I Waited For You... The company name signifies the emotion one should have when obtaining one of their pieces and also describes the relationship between their designers as they both had companies prior to meeting and felt as though this time it was something they had been waiting for.

Melanese gained industry credentials interning and working at various designer labels such as Theory, Jill Stuart, Rachel Comey, Alice & Olivia, Betsey Johnson, and Rachel Roy.
Reid lives and works in Brooklyn, New York.

Portrait de la planète Mars